3 Super Easy Looks To Tame Curly Hair

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5 Apr 2017
by: Ava Welsing-Kitcher

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Your mornings are about to get so much better

Curly girls around the world can pretty much agree that as much as we love our locks, they can be a pain to deal with first thing in the morning. Raise your hand if you’ve ever gone to sleep with silky, perfectly defined curls with just the right amount of frizz for volume, only to end up with a total bird’s nest eight hours later. Thought so.

So while it’s always sad to see a fabulous curly ‘do get wrecked overnight, there’s an array of tricks (and products) which you can use to avoid the dreaded fluffball in the first place – and we outline them all in this video. You’re welcome.

5 Top Tips To Tame Curls:

1. Sort out your product game. Depending on your hair type and how you scored on the hair porosity test, you’ll need some products in your arsenal. Use a leave-in conditioner, some kind of defining product like a curl creme or salt spray (which works way better on curly hair than it does on straight – ssh!) and a gorgeous hair oil. Then, you can start adding more depending on what your hair is thirsty for: a protein or moisturising mask for damaged hair, a volumising spray for fine curls, or a shine serum for lacklustre strands.

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2. Let your hair dry before you hit the pillow. Going to sleep with damp hair will only crush your curls, leaving them flattened and misshapen come morning. Either air dry, use a diffuser, or blast it upside down with a hairdryer if you’re not afraid of a little extra body. Always use a heat protector, or use the cool setting to avoid damage.

3. Sleep on silk. The only way to truly preserve perfect curls overnight is to sleep with your head hanging over the side of your bed – a tad extreme, we’re sure you agree. Luckily, silk pillowcases or turbans (we love SILKE London’s glamorous collection) are every curly girl’s best friend; regular cotton sucks moisture from the hair and skin, and contributes to frizz and breakage. Also, sleeping with your hair in a pineapple-type ponytail will keep every curl intact, and can even help to soften the curls around the ears and neck to make your hair look longer the next day.

4. Throw away your brush. Seriously. Brushes snag curly hair and cause it to break off. Opt for a wide-toothed comb that’s seamless (most combs have a raised seam which rips through hair) or even your trusty fingers.

5. Start drying with a T-shirt. Towels really rough up the hair cuticle, so aren’t ideal to keep hair smooth and full of shine. Try drying hair with old T-shirt or a super-absorbent Aquis towel to slash the frizz factor in half.

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