An Advent Christmas Candle Now Exists And Were Totally Obsessed

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by: Hannah Gransden
10 Aug 2017

It’s practically autumn which means it’s basically Christmas (otherwise known as advent calendar season) and one of the truly great parts of being an apparent grown up is the grown up advent calendar. I mean, why have a miniature slither of chocolate when you can have fancy beauty calendars, celebratory boozy calendars and now dreamy candle calendars?

Don’t worry you can have the chocolates, too…

Plum and Ashby are an extra Instagrammable brand that have created a beautiful spiced orange and red berry advent candle – each one hand-poured in England, and made from 100% natural vegetable wax that burns for a full 60 hours (by our calculations that’s 2.5 hours of burn time a day for the 24 days of December – perfect). Nothing looks like Christmas and smells like Christmas like a festive candle, and this is the one.

We’re already seriously into our cosy home setups come the first hint of Christmas, and festive aromas and flickering, glowing lights are essentials. So a candle that doubles up as a photogenic advent calendar? Please, it’s happening.

Inspired by our Christmas obsession; mulled wine, this gift-worthy candle is both stylish and delicious and won’t at all clash with the smell of your (drinkable) mulled wine.

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Blended with the light scents of oranges, limes, patchouli, clove and star anise, your home will be transformed into Christmas in the flicker and fizz of a match. We’re dreaming of it already…

The monochrome jar is designed with a minimalistic calendar design that adorably counts down the days to Christmas. So each time you snuggle into the sofa, sink into the bath or have cheery friends round for (yet another) Christmas dinner, light the wick and tick off the day to mark the countdown, how very cute.

Tempted? You can pick up your own for £26.50 online at Plum & Ashby right now.

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