10 Genius Beauty Hacks We Learnt Backstage At New York Fashion Week SS17

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Beautyhack no. 1 –  How to get perfectly sunkissed skin without the sun.

First up – ditch the all-over bronzer.  At both Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang make-up arist Diane Kendal described how using two colours is way more realistic. First, she applied a pinky bronze colour to it to the apples of the cheeks before dabbing on a little orangey red in the centre for a natural, sunkissed flush.

Meanwhile make-up maestro James Kaliardos divulged backstage at Rodarte that taking the colour slightly under the eyes and over the nose gives the best ‘I’ve just had a mini-break in St Tropez’ effect.

Beautyhack no. 2 –  How to wear red for people who hate lipstick.

Probably one of the most divisive make-up looks, you’re either a red lipstick girl or not. Until we saw the gorgeous crimson stains at Carolina Hererra that is. The trick to making it wearable? Apply the lipstick as normal, blot off with a tissue, then, dividing a piece of tissue in two so it’s super thin, press it against the lips and dust some pink blusher over the top for a beautiful matte stain effect.

Beautyhack no. 3 – How to wear colour without looking OTT.

It’s all in the brows according to make-up artist Kabuki who toned down his amazing 80s-inspired coloured smoky eyes by muting down the brows with a touch of concealer. ‘Taking the brows down a notch softens the overall effect and stops it from going too theatrical,’ he divulged.

Beautyhack no. 4 –  How to do nail art for non-artists.

OPI manicurist ‘Miss Pop’ was going back to school at Jeremy Scott. Her weapon of choice? The humble pencil. ‘I use the rubber end of a pencil, dip it in nail polish before using it to create the perfect circle on the nails.’

Beautyhack no. 5 – How to do ‘cool girl’ eyes.

Cool girls don’t do perfection – they’re way too busy At Phillip Lim make-up artist for Nars Francelle Daly taught us that it’s all about what you do afterwards that counts and customization is key to making it flattering to you.

Her top tip is to do your eye makeup as usual – at Lim she applied khol around the entire lashline as well as inside the waterline – before using a q-tip to start moving things around and chopping it up again until it starts to look like a lived-in cool-girl version of you.

Beautyhack no. 6 – How to make white nails wearable.

There’s nothing better against a tan but in winter alabaster digits can be a touch tricky to pull off. Phillip Lim’s solution? Diffuse the white colour with a stroke of silver. The Sally Hansen manicurist simply took some metallic nail polish, wiped the excess off on a tissue before sweeping the dry-ish brush across the nail to ‘emulate the silver hardwear in the collection.’


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Beautyhack no. 7 – How to look wide awake in an instant.

One word. Cream Khol (ok so that’s officially two words). Make-up artists everywhere from Victoria Beckham to Rodarte used the trick to make the models look as though they hadn’t in fact already done 8 shows and partied all night. ‘It’s your best secret weapon if you’ve been drinking all night,’ said make-up artist James Kaliardos.

Beautyhack no. 8 – How to give yourself an eye lift without surgery.

‘It’s all abut concentrating your eye make-up on the outer corners but in a very subtle way,’ divulged make-up artist Diane Kendal backstage at Tory Burch. She applied a brown eye pencil super close to the lashes extending it slightly at the outer corners and applying a touch right in the crease of the outer corner of the eye and smudging it out a little further. Finish with some brown mascara on the outer lashes only.

Beautyhack no. 9 – How to get the perfect sleek do.

We love a side part but anyone with slightly thicker hair will relate to suddly looking as though you have twice as much hair on the side you’ve swept everything over to. Hair stylist Anthony Turner’s solution at Narcisso Rodriguez? ‘To keep a sleek side part looking perfectly even, the trick is to fashion a little side pony on the under section of the hair to remove a bit of the bulk and prevent the hair pinging back out behind the ear it’s tucked behind.’

Beautyhack no. 10 – How to make your nails look presentable in 30 seconds flat?

No time for a full paint job? Make like Michael Kors and simply paint the tips with a nude colour for a modern negative space take on a French Manicure.

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