The Bride InStyle Beauty Countdown

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Your bridal beauty countdown starts here!

Let’s face it, the wedding photos last a lifetime, so it is quite right that you want to look your absolute best . Forget the last minute panic fake tan, mark the calendar with our dates for your bridal beauty preparation months, weeks and hours before walking down the aisle.

6 Months To Go

A healthy glow is essential for every bride envy induction. And that begins at home. Wash your face twice a day with a mild detergent deep, use an exfoliating fruit enzyme-twice a week (we love Jurlique ‘s), kill two birds with one stone and use a serum enriched with brightening SPF as City of Supergoop Suncreen Serum every day before applying an anti-aging moisturizer every night. It seems a lot, but trust us, you probably do most of it already and your skin will definitely thank you for your attention added.

5 Months To Go

If the locks are flowing on the agenda, it is going to want to start growing your hair now. Keep in mind your hair grows about half an inch a month so let your hairdresser know that you do not want it all! This is also the time to start adding reflections in your hair if you fancy a change for the big day. While your hairdresser, getting advice for how you want your hair to look the day. A cheeky pic of your dress and headgear, if you’re wearing one, it means that you can really get through exactly how you want your hair to look.

4 Months To Go

‘s time to plan a series of treatments for the face, after all, there will be a Lots of people look at you. Final treatment DNA laser resurfacing Debbie Thomas’ is the face to get their hands on. Beloved Downton ‘s Laura Carmichael, bespoke service of Debbie uses a laser noninvasive reduce the signs of aging and enhance the skin.

one month to go

There is nothing worse than having your makeup done and absolutely hate. And then imagine that the wedding day. No thanks! A trial period means embarrassing situations are a thing of the past. Our advice? Aim to look like you, but a little ‘better – defined eyebrows, eyelashes and lips with glowing skin is a classic bridal look that will not age in photos. This is also the time to test your spray tan. Experiment with shades and change how light or dark you want so you are ready for the bronze final a couple of days before you say ‘I’.

five days to go

Time for the last minute preening. Think of the final spray tan (doing this five days in advance will give you the time to fade slightly to a more natural light), and a bikini wax ready to run away on vacation, not just the last drunk uncle leaves the reception.

The Day Before

If you are opting for an elaborate updo, you want ideally day old dirty hair. Washing the day before means not end up with your hair squeaky clean that loses its shape. Now, take the girls and treat yourself to a mani and pedi for the finishing touches. A blush or nude nail polish is a classic way to compliment a white dress without colliding with the bouquet. Our favorite? Best selling Essie ballet shoes is a pale pink, without time you can wear over and over again. Keep your manicure for honeymoon and opt for gel nails that last up to two weeks.

On The Day

You look beautiful so stop worrying about what you look like and enjoy marry the love of your life, not?

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