Beyonce Orders Off AMenu Starts AHilarious Twitter Meme

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27 Apr 2017
BY: Meghan Overdeep

Beyoncé, she’s just like us!

Just kidding, she’s definitely not, which is exactly why fans lost it when they saw a photo of the singer ordering food from a paper menu just like we mortals do.

The pic of Queen Bey, which was part of a series taken during an intimate dinner party with friends and family, shows the expectant superstar speaking with a server about meal options. It’s so fabulous, yet so normal—basically, the Internet had no choice but to turn it into a meme.

Twitter users, in particular, had a field day with the ‘gram. Fans from all over rushed to provide their own hilarious takes on what Bey might be saying to the waitress in 140 characters or less. From lemonade nods to jokes about eating for three, see below for some of the funniest tweets:

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