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20 Apr 2017
by: Josh Newis-Smith

Finding ‘that bag’ which hits the sweet spot between high street and high end, but doesn’t sacrifice on the sass, is a very tough task indeed. We all want to bagsy a bag that is both babe’ing and in budget.

But a new bag brand is breaking through all the way from Tel Aviv, Complét. Created by three friends, Emily Whyte-Meridor, Sivan Moshkovitz and Leonora Fuhrer-Agmon, Complét, gives the final finishing flourish to the modern woman’s wardrobe, with a series of multi functional bags that morph from a cross body to a clutch and backpacks that pack some grown-up punch.

We met the three founders, to find out what it’s like being a girl boss in the Middle East and why we all need these geometric silhouettes in our lives…

‘Eve’ black leather backpack

Available at Complét | £575


On being a ‘girl boss’ in the Middle East…

Leonora: Tel Aviv is a very modern city so we don’t have the usual “middle eastern” approach to women here. We’ve had a female prime minister and we have women pilots and female supreme judges. Women in Tel Aviv are strong and independent, yet running your own business is never a walk in the park, in any city. We each have our own strengths that we bring to the business to implement our strategies and create beautiful quality designs for all women.

On why we need a mid-market bag in our lives…

Emily: Fashion is always evolving and changing with the times which is what makes it so exciting and alluring. We believe accessories are having their moment in fashion – a refreshing, honest and fun moment that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. There is always room for new kids on the block, especially when the gap is still considered relatively new. Complét is part of the new wave of brands that customers are looking to discover and covet.

Leonora: Shoppers are looking for a bag that is affordable, yet still maintains their level of style, quality standards and allows them to still enjoy other luxuries in life.

On the Tel Aviv fashion scene…

Sivan: The local scene is alive with creative energy and an entrepreneurial spirit, it effectively gave us the courage to share our brand with the rest of the world. That being said, we may be based in Tel Aviv but really we are citizens of the world.

Here are our 3 Complét bags we’ve added to our wishlist:

‘Helena’ in black and white brush print

Available at Complét | £475


‘Valery’ mini bag in sangria

Available at Complét | £375


‘Gaia’ in grey leather

Available at Complét | £430


Looking for more mid-market bags? Here are our other favourite brands on the block…

Yellow bag

Available at Sophie Hulme | £250


Contrast strap bag

Available at Marc Jacobs | £250


Suede bucket bag

Available at Mansur Gavriel | £395


Hard case cross body bag

Available at Aspinal | £425


Micro leather shoulder bag

Available at Manu Atelier | £280


We stayed at Hotel Poli during our stay in Tel-Aviv

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