Freckles – I’m Soooo SS15

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The object farmyard persecutors just got back just as make-up artist has gone dotty for freckles backstage – a trend Kendall Jenner honed to perfection with a recent selfie demonstrating their beauty
smatterings of these little exuberant facial embellishments were spotted in shows like Preen by Thornton Bragaazzi where the make-up master of Val Garland “fresh from the gym. flush “it has been enhanced with some fake freckles that were also extended to the body with tanning expert Nichola Joss’ brush technique flick (where self-tanning has been turned over the skin with a brush acrylic). In fact, the Val disclosed that supers such as Giselle often amp up what nature has given mother to make them look younger – something guru make-up Charlotte Tilbury shares; “I really do freckles right now,” he says. “I call it my stick while youth as it gives now a young man, you feel a little ‘bad.”
And if you have not been blessed you with such beautiful natural pigmentation? It fake with an eyeliner pencil. The trick is to give depth and dimension to the skin freckles pressing them randomly (preferably using two slightly different tones), while alternating pressure. Too uniform and is heading to St Trinians territory. Then simply use your ring finger to pat them on the skin to look like part of your complexion and selfie away
Your last Freckle Kit :!
Bare Minerals Skin Rescue Coloured Hydrating Gel Cream SPF30, £ 26
Go to a super-transparent basis to ensure your ‘freckles ‘do not look as if they are sitting on top of a mask of foundation. We love this ultra-moisturizing, improving color to give our skin a natural glow.
pencil Topshop Dot-Dot Doodles Freckle, £ 5.00
A pencil trick specifically dedicated to creating freckles? Pure genius!
MAC Prep + Prime + Fix, £ 15.50
After polishing your frecks fake, help them stay put with a spritz of mist adjustment – smudged strips are not a ‘thing’

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