Going Through A Hideous Break-Up RN Don't Worry These CelebsActually Ended Up With Their Ex

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16 Aug 2017
by: Hannah Gransden

We get seriously loved up over all these #couplegoal celebs, and struggle more than we would like to admit when our faves split (without even consulting us). Sometimes though, by a strange twist of fate, our favourites find their way back to each other, even a zillion years later.

There’s just something about the celeb crowd and gooey love stories that we can’t get enough of. Truth be told, we love a good ‘how did you end up together’ story as much as the next person, but some of these stories are right out of a rom-com…

So if there was ever a good reason to take advice from Destiny’s Child and not diss yo ex on the internet ‘cause your muma taught you better than that…This is it.

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