Princess Diana's Most Iconic Style Moments

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30 Aug 2017
by: Suzannah Ramsdale

Twenty years on and Princess Diana’s style still has us captivated. Of course, her warmth, humanity and philanthropic nature is a major part of her long-lasting appeal, but it’s her unique and playful fashion sense that’s given her icon status. 

I grew up seeing Diana plastered all over the front pages of the newspapers and was always aware of her spot-on formal dressing – she rocked a black tie event gown like no other. Catherine Walker and Victor Edelstein were her go-to designers for royal functions and in the post-divorce years she plumped for the likes of Versace and Christian Lacroix. 

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But, doing the picture research for this gallery opened my eyes to just how boundary-pushing she really was. A men’s tuxedo? Game-changing. Cowboy boots and faded denim? So current and fabulous, you can imagine a Hadid wearing that now. She colour-blocked, mixed clashing prints and bravely accessorised with hats and belts of all shapes and sizes. 

What becomes clear looking through the reams and reams of photos of Diana is that she didn’t have a signature style. Not really. She approached each occasion anew, and dressed to the theme of every event differently. Like no other royal before her, or since, Diana used fashion as a form of expression, constantly breaking the rules and fascinating her adoring public. 

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Below is a selection of some of Princess Diana’s most iconic looks. What a woman. 

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