Quiz Which Love Island Couple Are You

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by: Ava Wesing-Kitcher
4 Aug 2017

Love Island. If you weren’t one of the two million people who watched it this year, or haven’t even heard of it, then this is not the page for you. If you lived, breathed, and religiously tuned into the antics of impossibly (and often unnaturally) attractive strangers as they fumbled under duvets, scoffed cashews, and mugged each other off for two months, and you’re nursing a Kem-sized hole in your heart now that it’s all over, then live it out for just another five minutes longer by taking our exceptionally accurate quiz.

All throughout the show, we kept asking ourselves which couple our own relationships resembled. Do you and your bf SO fight and make up passionately like Chris and Olivia? Or are you young, silly and adorable like Kem & Amber? There’s only one way to find out…

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