Sesame Street Parodied The Real Housewives and It Is So So Good

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20 Apr 2017
by: Kelsey Glein

This is absolutely perfect.

Allow us to introduce you to The Real Grouches of Sesame Street—Oscar, Grundgetta, Diva Garbagedump (à la Lisa Vanderpump), and Grover. The fuzzy characters share many, many similarities with The Real Housewives, and if you’re a fan of the franchise you won’t be able to get over how clever this parody is.

In a series of three videos shared to YouTube, The Real Grouches reveal their taglines, which have striking similarities to some of those used by the ladies on the Bravo series. Oscar’s—a play on one of Sonja Morgan’s taglines—says: “I have a taste for trash, and trash has a taste for me,” while Grundgetta’s—a take on one of Erika Girardi’s taglines—reads: “I’m a mystery wrapped in fish and trash.” We also learn that they have their own hit singles, appropriately titled “Grouchy for the Party,” “Money Can’t Buy You Trash,” and “Pretty Messy,” as well as money-making side hustles, like a line of can openers and a cookbook. Possible our favourite part? That Diva Garbagedump has an adorable animal companion and owns a restaurant called FUR Lounge.

Watch the first clip at the top, and check out the other two below—complete with telling interviews and a drama-filled reunion.

Fingers crossed that this won’t be the last we see of The Real Grouches—we kind of think that Andy Cohen needs to make this a reality.

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