Shampoo For Greasy Hair The 10 Best For Big Bouncy Hair

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by: Madeleine Spencer
7 Aug 2017

Greasy hair has one thing in common across the board: it is catastrophic for any efforts to achieve volume and always looks in need of a bit of attention. That, and that you invariably end up having to factor extra time into getting ready every time you have a big event so that you can deal with your greasiness – and even then have to go out with a bottle of dry shampoo stashed in your handbag.

Even more annoyingly, hair that’s greasy at the roots can also be a whole bunch of other things down the lengths, from dry as straw to limp and lifeless. In fact, if your hair is greasy, you can often also classify it as dry, damaged, limp, frizzy – which makes finding the right product a total ordeal – unless you have our handy guide to help you.

The best way to handle it is pretty simple – you just need good products that are designed to tackle grease, deployed just where you need them. And key in this battle is shampoo – just as cleansing is absolutely crucial to having healthy skin, using the right shampoo for your hair concerns will have a knock-on effect, meaning you’ll have to wash less often, use less product, and worry far less, which is really the whole point of using those brilliant cult beauty finds.

But how do you know if you have a good egg? The best shampoos for greasy hair won’t strip your hair of all moisture but will instead leave it feeling bouncy and lustrous – and oil-free for that bit longer. They’ll also treat whatever else is going on on your hair while cleansing. Make sure you massage it gently into your roots to make sure you’re grabbing all the grease but not overstimulating. Here’s our edit of what you need in your life if the grease is your big beauty battle.

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