The iPhone 8 Could Be Apples Most Stylish Phone Ever And Its Nearly Here

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by: Sean Keach
1 Sep 2017

These days, the smartphone you choose is just as important as any outfit or accessory. But the Apple iPhone is starting to look a little too familiar,, and we reckon a redesign for the stale handset is long overdue. The good news is that Apple’s next smartphone – the iPhone 8 – might be just weeks away.

Every September, Apple hosts a major product launch event at its headquarters in Santa Clara County, California. Last year we got the iPhone 7, which looked just like the iPhone 6S, and even the iPhone 6 before that. This year, we’re expecting something completely different.

Apple has just announced its big event for 2017, promising major gadget news on Tuesday, September 12. The American phone maker is keeping tight-lipped about what’s in store for us all, but we’ve already got a good idea of what’s coming – thanks to a generous supply of leaks and rumours, naturally.

The biggest rumour is that Apple is going to completely redesign how the iPhone looks, to celebrate the fact that we’re now 10 years on from the original iPhone launch in 2007. For a little perspective, that was the same year Keeping Up With The Kardashians debuted on E!, and this absolute classic came out:

Simpler times, eh?

Anyway, according to those in the know, Apple will be fitting the iPhone 8 with an “all-screen front”. That means most of the front of your next iPhone should be occupied by the display – those ugly black bars will disappear, apparently.

It’s actually not an entirely new concept. Apple’s close rival Samsung launched the Galaxy S8  earlier this year, which came with a shiny new Infinity Display that we reckon will look quite similar to the new iPhone 8 screen.

Apple is also supposedly planning to use a better type of screen on the new iPhone too. It’s called an OLED display and – technical jargon aside – basically means you’ll get more colourful visuals and a brighter picture overall. In short, your Netflix game is about to get a serious upgrade.

So it’s settled: the iPhone 8 will probably look really good. But it might also make you look really good too.

It’s a little complicated, but here’s how it goes. To get an all-screen front, Apple is supposedly going to have to ditch the fingerprint scanner you use to unlock your phone. To make sure your texts and photos stay private, we’re expecting a new 3D facial recognition system to be introduced instead.

This means your phone will be unlockable just by looking at it – very sci-fi.

The good news is that this 3D camera system has more uses than just verifying who might be using your phone. This sort of system is designed to sense depth, which is ideal for adding computer-generated visuals onto objects.

That’s a fancy way of saying that those Snapchat-style filters you use to scrub out blemishes and give you dog ears could get way better very quickly.

The bad news is that the iPhone 8 is probably going to be really expensive. Given that the latest Samsung phones cost anywhere from £689 to £869, we reckon the new Apple smartphone will be far more expensive than the £599 iPhone 7 from last year.

Still, we’re not sure on anything for certain, so don’t fret just yet – all will be revealed on September 12.


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