This Is How You Can Unlock Boomerangs Secret Menu…

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by: Hannah Gransden
17 Aug 2017

From hair flicks to prosecco clinks, Boomerang has made our Instagram feed this summer.

Perfect for capturing any Insta-moment (in a way that often makes us look publicly ridiculous) – Boomerang is the no-effort shortcut to a beautiful feed. We post them, we watch them, the loop continues…

These fun-for-days mini videos are officially ranking in more likes than standard Instagram posts (cha-ching) and we’re into them. The only problem is, sometimes the app doesn’t quite capture the je ne sais quoi of our hip wiggle-come-shimmy pose that we’re performing so well and repeatedly in a public place. Nightmare.

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Don’t worry though, it’s not us, it’s definitely it. Perhaps the boomerang is too short or maybe the speed is off. Normally we would have to scrap it or post a gamble Boomerang (risky), but not anymore…

What if I told you there was a hack that would let you perfect your every future Boomerang? Well, there is and it will upgrade your boomerang game in literally no time.


To access the app’s hidden settings (oh, they exist) quickly tap four fingers simultaneously on the app screen, this will open up a world of settings for you to play with.

Please baby no more traffic in LA.

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This new menu, known as ‘ The Lab’ will allow you to tweak everything from Boomerang length to speed and even resolution (hello 1080p). You’re welcome.

You can even tweak your Boomerangs so that they play out differently – playing forward and back, or back only, with or without pauses…  Plus, you can adjust frame count and frame rate until you’ve fully personalised your settings. Maybe one loop isn’t enough and you’d rather ten – all power in your hands, my friend. Hello perfect Boomerang.

Congrats, you’re now a total expert.

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