This Tiny New Speaker Is About to Transform Your Summer

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27 Apr 2017
by: Faye Penn

Over the past few months, we’ve been testing a ton of gear (headphones, sous vide machines, smart scales, drones … stay tuned!) for our upcoming InStyle Best of Tech Awards, and every so often we come across a product that blows us away. This is one of those days, and we’re so excited about the new B&O Play P2 portable Bluetooth speaker, which launches today, that we are jumping the awards by a week to tell you about it. It’s that good.


B&O Play P2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Available in sandstone, royal blue, and black.

Available at Amazon | £149


The thing we’ve learned about small speakers is this: The cute, small ones don’t offer much in the way of sound, and the best ones are often too heavy to lug around. And being a style title, we care deeply about aesthetics. The P2 from B&O Play—the millennial division of Bang & Olufsen—is a chic, palm-size (roughly 5 by 3 inches), minimalistically designed speaker that delivers sound far above its weight class. All while sliding not just into your work bag but into a mini-crossbody. Seriously, it’s not much bigger than a phone. And it’s dust and splash resistant, so it goes easily from office to workout to cocktails.

Check the specs for things like tweeter size, the unique one-button control, microphone, and app integration—our judging criteria were sound, looks, function, how it stacks up against the competition, and the overall “ooh ah” factor. This divine little gem delivers on all fronts.

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