Why Kim Kardashian's Beauty Tip Is Troubling

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Kim Kardashian at InStyle Awards 2015

It’s true, Kim Kardashian is probably one of the busier women in the world (it must be very time consuming keeping all those followers entertained) but does that warrant her latest confession that she sleeps in her make up to save time in the morning?

She made the statement during the presentation of the Make-up Artist of the Year Award at the US InStyle Awards at the weekend.   Kardashian was speaking whilst handing over the award to, uber make-up artist to the stars Charlotte Tilbury.

According to The Cut Kardashian said: ‘She’s inspired me when I am really lazy and I can’t do my make-up the next day, so I’ll sleep in my make-up.  I know it’s probably the worst advice, but she has all the magic creams to put on the next day to make up for it.’  If you have tried Charlotte Tilbury's incredible Magic Cream, then you will know what she means…

Kim Kardashian and Charlotte Tilbury at InStyle Awards 2015

Clever or a bit yuk?  We know that make-up maestro Tilbury likes to sleep in her mascara (reportedly her husband has never seen her without her signature mascara, even in bed), but does this mean we should all be sleeping with our full foundation on too?  Tilbury, we salute you and we think your mascara rocks but that is one hell of a pillowcase dry cleaning bill for the average woman.

You also need to consider what sleeping in your make-up does to your skin. “Taking off your make up before you go to bed at night is one of the most important steps in your daily skincare routine and I would never recommend skipping it!" says Aesthtic Skin Therapist Jasmina Vico.  "Whilst you are sleeping, the skin uses this time to restore itself so cleanse it thoroughly at the end of the day. If you go to bed without cleansing the skin properly, any leftover debris will build up and is likely to cause breakouts, congestion."

Jasmina recommends a double cleanse using a gentle cleanser containing Glycolic Acid to exfoliate and really make sure that all of your make-up comes off along with the dirt accumulated during the day.

If it’s time saving you’re after why not try one of these clever tricks to getting out of the house quicker:

1.  Major Hair takes, guess what? Major time.  Escape the house a whole 15 minutes sooner by spritzing Aussie 3 Miracle Oil (£9.99) through the mid lengths of your hair, suggests Aussie Hair Ambassador Ben Cooke, then whip the top half into a top knot.  By the time you get to work you can let your hair down to reveal texturised, silky waves.  Definitely better than leaving the house with rollers in…

2. Thought you were ready on time then you smudged a nail? We’ve all been there.  Next time drop some oil (olive will do!) over your nearly dry nail to dry them quicker.
3. It may be debatably dodgy to do your makeup on public transport but the Couverture No chemicals Rollar Ball (£45) fragrance is secret squirrel enough to use literally anywhere- the tube, the bus, the office elevator, you name it!

4. Don’t bother trying to pack your whole make-up bag into your handbag –  L’Oreal Paris True Match Genius (£12.99 is a 4-in-1 Primer, foundation, concealer and powder.  Multitasking at it’s finest.

5. No time even for a slick of mascara?  Get your eyelashes tinted at one of Blinks’s great Brow bars.   No black smudges over your pillowcases.  


Jasmina Vico, Aesthetic Skin Therapist is based at: Hari’s, 305 Brompton Road, London, SW3 2DY |


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