Boldly Beautiful Summer Bohemian Fashion

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Bohemian women's sari recycled silk dresses are designed to make a statement with silhouettes always elegant. The silk dresses can make you look and feel sexy, the unique printed upcycled sari dresses make you stand out in a crowd. Bright bohemian tribal and floral motifs are for the adventurous daring. Be dressed in obsession or possess a versatile piece, the 2 in 1 silk skirt that flirts with your body while making a romantic stroll on the beach.

Boho statement can be a printed silk halter top and skirt flounced ruffled leather flip-flops for a totally bohemian girl child look. Maxi long skirts with Boho inserts create a lasting impact when paired with pearl mala necklaces. Pretty casual, fitted and flared dresses on the hips are perfect for outing with friends or traveling and going from the inside of holiday homes to beach parties. Discover cotton embroidered tunics and midi dresses perfect for mixing and matching, spaghetti sari dresses bring out the best in you.

Kimono maxi dresses bring a bohemian and casual touch to a sunny day beach or a spring wedding. The summer sherbet fluid, harem pants floral dresses that barely touch your ankles, pairs with a denim jacket and sandals for an optimistic combination. Kimono long sleeve kaftan dresses in digital prints and soft georgette flatter the silhouettes for each outing.

Spring and summer are incomplete without colorful floral dresses. Mid-length, fitted dresses in bright hand-printed cotton with a vest in loose, ultra-short bohemian print dresses, each one wearing its own style and making you feel cool and pretty whatever the weather. Flowery dresses in dusty colors and soft hues, and zigzag hats elegantly drape your body. Long and long skirts, high and low dresses to wrap the skirts with bunk and flying stockings, there is so much to choose from.

Bohemian skirts, matching styles, wraparound sarongs with flared gypsy skirts, casual chic or urban fashionista? Infinite options of colors and styles, unusual prints, a unique flared gypsy skirt with a neutral top, accessorizes at the waist with a pretty belt. Try split skirts with chunky heels with a crop top for the audacity of you. Perfect for your holidays because they go with all kinds of tops. Maxi in crinkled rayon or mid-tie-dye, throw a leprechaun top and create a wardrobe par excellence for the bohemian fashionista.

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